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CheckMark Roster Manager

Save your Thumbs!

The CheckMark Roster Manager Import functionality makes creating your team quick and easy

While the iPhone is a handy tool for writing short emails and viewing data, nothing beats a full-size keyboard for entering data.  The CheckMark Roster Manager supports the import of roster and schedule information from a tab-delimited file, an output option for virtually all spreadsheet and text processing applications.

To take advantage of the import function, download a handy template from this website for entering data and prepare your team's data.  If your data already exists in a file from your league, its usually very easy to cut-and-paste it into the spreadsheet template.

Once your data is entered and ready, email it to yourself as an attachment.  When you open the email using your iPhone or iPad, you will be given the option of importing it into the CheckMark Roster Manager.  With just a couple of clicks, your team roster and/or schedule will be imported and ready for you to use.

A handy Excel template for importing data as well as more detailed instructions are available in the support section of this site.



Custom Reporting using Exports

While the CheckMark Roster Manager provides a number of printable reports, sometimes, you want more control over what the report looks like.  Sometimes, you need to use the data in another application.  Maybe you want to do a lot of data editing would prefer not to use the small keyboard of your iPhone.  Whatever the reason you have for the need, The CheckMark roster manager supports a tab-delimited data export function, allowing you to email your data to yourself for use in spreadheet or word processing applications.