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CheckMark Roster Manager

Schedule Management

"Which field are we on this week?"

Arriving at the soccer complex, you realize that you don't know which of the 20 fields your game is scheduled.  Before, you would have to walk around, looking for a familiar face to figure out the right field.  With the Checkmark Roster Manager, you always have your schedule with you.  A couple of clicks and you confirm that your game is on field 10.  Problem solved.

"Coach, Johnny is going to miss the game on the 12th"

Coaches and managers, how often has a player/parent told you about a future absense at a practice or game?  With no where to record it, you have to try and remember it until you get home to record it.  Or you might ask them to email you a reminder.  Chances are, its going to be forgotten.  With the CheckMark Roster Manager's attendance feature, you can open the game in question and mark the player as being absent on the spot.

The Schedule function tracks fhe following fields of information:
  • Scheduled Date, Time
  • Title/Description
  • Location
  • Uniform
  • Free-form notes
  • Per-player Attendance

All the fields are optional, so you can track as much or as little information as you like.

Repeating events are a snap!

For repetitive events such as weekly practices, the CheckMark Roster Manager makes it easy for you.  When adding the first practice, dnter the beginning date, the end date, and the day (or days) of the week that it should occur.  Automatically, event entries will be created for every week until the end date is reached.