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CheckMark Roster Manager

Tips and Suggestions:

Optional Fields

  • You can select whether or not to display the Parent, Spouse / BFF, and Address sections for players.  If these fields are not of interest to you, turn them off by selecting the “Team Settings” option on the Teams tab.  Please note that turning these fields off does not remove the data from your database.  Turning the options back on will automatically restore them.

Importing Data from Tab-Delimited Files

  • You can import data from existing files or simply take advantage of your computer's full-size keyboard by creating your roster and schedule in a tab-delimited file and then importing it into the Roster Manager.  Instructions as well as a template for use with Microsoft Excel, are available here.


  • The email function can be used to send group emails to and combination of players, parents, and coaches.  The email isn’t automatically sent, but instead creates an email draft and opens it in your devices email application.  There, you can create the message body and add / remove recipients.

  • The email function makes it a snap to share your team with others.  By pressing the “attach team” button in the Send Email function, a copy of your team will be attached to the generated email.  Recipients with a copy of the CheckMark Roster Manager installed on their device can add the team to their copy simply by clicking on the attachment.

  • The “attach team” function is useful for transferring a team between your iPhone and iPad.  Simply email it to yourself.  This is also a great way to make a backup of your database, “just in case”…


Clickable Phone, Address, and Email fields

  • You can automatically dial a phone number simply by clicking on a number you stored in the player, schedule, or coach records.

  • You can automatically start an email by clicking on a properly formatted email address stored in a player, schedule, or coach record.

  • When adding a schedule event, the only required field is the date/time.  You will not be able to save the event until a date and time are entered.

  • Clicking on a properly formatted address stored for a player or scheduled event will open your device’s map application, giving you an easy way to get directions.  The Apple clickable address feature is picky – be sure to capitalize the first letter of each word in the address.  You may need to experiment to learn what works and what doesn’t.